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Wifi is insecure – use Powerline Adapters through your electricity wiring


Wifi is insecure.

Think of the mnemonic “MacDonalds” as each Wifi system transmits a Management Frame, a Control Frame and a Data Frame. (MCD).  As hackers, we go for the management frame, and basically it’s game over.   Every system allows us to transmit a Deauthentication or Disassociation signal… and we shut down your wifi system.


Ethernet or Wired cables, are far more secure, but I appreciate that you don’t want cables running up and downstairs.

Powerline – the solution of an Ethernet network that’s portable


Powerline adapaters run Ethernet – through your electricity system.  As long as your meter isn’t shared amongst many homes, you’ll have a far more secure network with powerline.

  • It’s easier to set up than Wifi.
  • It’s much faster than Wifi.
  • It’s the same price as Wifi.
  • Currently 500 mbps powerline adapter exist.  Zyxel are reported to be 10% faster than the competition.
  • It’s plug and play.
  • Encryption is press 2 buttons on the bottom of each adapter – no software is needed to gain AES 128 bit encryption.
  • No-one sat outside can access your network – they’d need access to the electricity supply (a socket).


Zyxel PLA4205 – The fastest Homeplug AV kit we’ve seen.

My verdict – Powerline is ideal for home networks.  Anywhere you have an electricity socket – you have a network.

Short of electrical sockets?

Buy the Powerline system that allows you to put a plug into a plug.

powerline plug

Need to run 4 Ethernet devices from one socket?

Look up the Western Digital system that runs 4 devices from one adapter

powerline western digital

How does it work?

  • Buy a starter kit – that’s 2 powerline adapters.

Plug one adapter (with a wire) into the ports in the back of your router.

  • This adaptor now powers your internet connection – over your electricity supply.
  • Now plug an adapter into a power socket in your living room (or study), connect the adapter with a cable to the ethernet port on your laptop.


  • Now, we press the “encrypt/pair” button on the routers adaptor first.
  • Then within the next 1-2 mins, run to your laptop adapter, and press its “encrypt/pair” button.

That’s it.

You’ll now have an encrypted connection from your laptop to the router, running at 500 mbps.  You’ll probably only get 2/3rds of that speed.  I get approx 150mbps – 180 mbps on a 200 mbps powerline… so you won’t get the full speed – but it’s stable and simple and secure compared to Wifi.

Stable – your connection will rarely, if ever, fail.

High Speed – Your speed will range from 67-90% of the advertised speed… depending on if the electricity wiring on both adapters are  on the same electritcity ring main, or a second ring main (say upstairs).

Secure – no snoopers can listen in.  No wifi insecurity.  Encrypted AES 128 bit connection between the two paired adapters.

Yes, I use powerline.  Yes, I’m happy with it.  The only hiccup is running from one adapter to the other to pair them up to start off.  If you’re in a 3 storey house, that would be a pain… I’d cheat, and move the study. 🙂

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