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Ghostery Ad Blocker –


See the Invisible Web.

Become a detective.

  • Ghostery will block invisible trackers, cookies, adware and spyware surveillance that collate information, without consent.
  • Ghostery blocks well over a thousand different trackers and spyware – and monitors surveillance.
  • A purple bubble reports who is tracking you, and who has been blocked.  This feedback is critical – as you can see the scale of surveillance and social profiling taking place.

Ghostery has versions for IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera as well as iOS.  So there’s every reason to try the install – and see the invisible web.

Where to find them?

Ghostery is a critical installation – as it changes your perception of profiling and surveillance.


    Researchers have found that Ghostery was difficult to configure.

    If you are using Ghostery – then to block all trackers, this is what you do:

    1. Click on the Blue Ghost Icon (after it’s been installed in the web browser).
    2. Click Options (about half way down)
    3. Select “Enable Library Auto Update” (tick this box)
    4. 3pes Tab….. here’s where we start to block everything. 3pes = 5 categories – tick all 5 boxes – to shut it all down.

    Advertising = 468 items
    Analytics = 229 items
    Privacy = 19 items
    Trackers = 224 items
    Widgets = 117 items.

    5. SAVE!! Don’t forget the Save button – which is the last item at the end of the page.

    Hope that helps with the configuration of Ghostery. Any problems, just drop me a line.:)


  2. Thanks for your information on “Ghostery Ad Blocker” – it’s was a useful resource and I’ve bookmarked your site for future reference.
    Are there any other antivirus blogs (or web resources in general) that you can recommend to me?


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