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Secure Delete – Eraser v Forensics?


As any Forensics student will tell you, deleting files, or reformatting disks, does not destroy data.  For payroll or employee data, this poses a serious risk of “data leakage”.

  • EFF recommends “Eraser.”
  • Eraser is free.
  • Eraser works with Windows.
  • Install – and then right click on your recycle bin, select the “Eraser” icon, to delete data, securely.

Where to find Eraser?

Eraser defaults to the Gutmann method (35 passes), so will be slow.

How many passes do I need?
The current number of passes at which no form of recovery is possible, is currently, 13 passes.  Though 3 or 7 passes would be secure.

How do I change the default deletion standard?

Open Eraser

  • Second tab is “Settings”.
  • Default Eraser Method = a dropbox of options.  Reset this dropbox to 3 passes for the American Military, or 7 passes for the highly efficient Germans.

A secure method of deletion is imperative, where sensitive payroll, medical or personnel data  exists, as a keyboard “delete” button does nothing to destroy the data.

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