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Startpage Search Engine –


Start Page has won the European Europrise award for privacy.

  • SP does not record personal information.
  • SP do not record your IP
  • SP do not record your search terms (unlike Google)
  • SP does not record your browser (IE, Firefox, Safari etc)
  • SP does not record your platform
  • SP offers SSL encryption (so that your ISP can’t see what you’re browsing)
  • No cookies are installed
  • Logs are deleted – and this has been audited and verified

Best of all, Start Page is a “meta search” engine, so acts as a proxy between yourself and Google – returning Google results, without Google ever seeing you.

Where to find them?

This is a CRITICAL tactic – stop using the Google search engine, without a proxy between you.

One Comment
  1. Oh dear, too brief. 😦
    I did wonder if you’d find them boring, so kept them shorter, but I can do more technical in-depth reviews. 🙂

    I might save a technical review for Google… They’re breaching privacy on a massive scale… and implementing social profiling and sorting, which is not nice, when every thought you’ve ever had is stored in their search engine.

    So, I’ll take your point on board, and do some uber techie stuff. 🙂
    Seatbelts on please… Rocket boosters set to “Turbo”. 🙂


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