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Dangers of the recycle bin – Privacy Tactic


Tip: Set your recycle bin size to zero mb, to prevent data being stored.

  • Recycle bin – Right click – Select the LAST option
  • Properties
  • Set size to Zero

Tip: for windows 7,  rather than setting the size to Zero, you can select

  • Don’t move file to the Recycle bin

Otherwise you’ll have to use Eraser to “secure delete” your Recycle bin.

If you haven’t stored it, they can’t get it.

  1. stilianos permalink

    it is not just the recycle bin though, no?

    How do you go about using an OS that is being developed in logging everything under the banner of “security”?

    I used to contrast running processes with network connections and open files and kill things I didn’t like… the same is overwhelming nowadays…I wouldn’t cope…


  2. Honestly, Windows is a nightmare for security. It hides sensitive data in:
    * Swap file
    * Temp file
    * spam email – how common is spam, these days?
    * spam attachments – does anyone secure delete spam attachments?
    * windows has no secure delete function – wow, good thinking batman.
    * registry entries for filenames
    * Multiple copies of the registry (just in case)
    * Deleted files (delete does nothing)
    * Recycle bin – to make more duplicate copies of unwanted spam
    * Filenames written to INFO
    * NTFS security permissions are irrelevant – and offer no protection
    * Metadata
    * Slack space
    * Free space
    * Spool files
    * Print Spool – don’t print that data, or we get more copies
    * History files – you can never keep enough spam
    * Wiping the swap file

    **Rant ends here**

    It should be illegal to state “Windows” and “Security” in the same sentence. 🙂


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