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Change your IP – Anonymox


Do you want to change your IP?

Anonymox is Free, and works with Firefox.

Why would I use this?

  • Anonymous browsing
  • Change your IP to a specific country (eg UK to see BBC’s iPlayer)
  • Visit blocked or censored websites (eg the BBC blocks iPlayer for those outside of the UK)
  • Delete cookies, and to show your IP
  • It’s Free
  • To watch all your adverts in Dutch (great if you want to learn a new language)
  • Stop data-mining of your surfing by Google

Where do I download it?

You need to use the Firefox Browser – and download:

Any issues with it?

  • Adverts will become annoying.
  • Has a maximum limit – so don’t use it constantly

How to use it?

  • A blue cross will appear near the bottom of your screen.
  • Click on the blue cross
  • Select the Red ACTIVE checkbox
  • Identities = the different countries you can change to (Netherlands, UK  or US)
  • CHANGE IDENTITY button – to change your IP

That’s it.

  1. Bertram permalink

    Hello, !

    I have some questions about using the Anonymox -Tool tot hide IP-addresses:

    1. Is it possible that another User (purposelessly) abuses my original IP- Adress because all user are using ( the Proxy-server) to surf anonymously on the Internet ?

    2. Is it possible that anyone ( or any Law Enforcement Organization) held me responsible that someone is abusing my original IP -adress for non-legal activities trough they Internet?

    3. Is it possible tot find out if someone is somehow purposelessly abusing my original -IP-adress ?

    Thank you for you comment


    • Hi Bertram,

      Proxies are not as secure as a VPN.
      A Proxy is a mask only. A VPN seems to be the tool that you really want.

      A VPN can be set up to allow other VPN users to connect or see each other, but most commerical VPN’s would forbid this for obvious reasons.
      So the answer is yes and no to your question, can another user use my IP.

      Most wifi routers have WPS set up – this can be easily hacked in around 2 hours. Then your “router” would appear – and your ISP would beleive it was you, as you are the bill payer. This may be how the hack is occuring, rather than via the Anonymox proxy. WPS is flawed in its security, which means most routers since 2007 have fundamental security flaws in them. If you can afford it, update to a home router, that allows WPS to be switched OFF. Don’t use it.

      Use Powerline sockets – that route your signal over your electricity supply, or Wired connections if that’s possible.

      Law enforcement can obtain server logs under a court order. This is why you should never use a proxy or vpn based in your own country.
      Use a service provider who insists that court orders are obtained.
      and most importantly use a service provider (VPN, search engine etc), who deletes their logs, every 24 hours at least.
      That way, even if a court order is obtained, the server logs have been wiped, so there’s no data left.

      IP’s generally are assigned to an internal IP. Your router and your ISP assign you a routable or real IP. This is likely to be shared rather than a fixed or static IP.

      If you look up the IP – there are millions using this non routable IP. It’s made into a real IP by the ISP. This system is used because the world has run out of ipv4 addresses, so we reuse the range, for internal ip addresses.

      Then read up on NAT and PAT – this is a little bit of magic, which converts your non routable IP address into a routed IP.

      I really don’t think that Anonymox is the problem here. The level of security that you’re looking for, can only be obtained via a VPN.
      Be careful selecting your VPN – as some save your data for years.
      Select one like or the free VPNBook
      IVPN delete their server logs every 10 minutes, VPNBook delete server logs every 3 days, but are free.

      Use the OpenVPN client rather than the Windows PPTP version.

      Hope that helps. No problems to asking me questions. 🙂


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