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Encrypted Cross Platform Instant Messaging – Bitwise Encrypted IM


One of the greatest fallacies is that anything said over IM, won’t be recorded and used against you.  Most IM are set to log, AND in addition the telco operator logs will also show what was transmitted.  The police will often apply to the Telco to validate the message alledged to have been sent.   Therefore, anything said via IM, will outlive you – and used to prosecute you.

How can I use IM, that’s encrypted?

*Bitwise IM is FREE

*Bitwise is encrypted (128 bit for free, 256 bit for paid service)

*Crossplatform – works on Windows, Mac and Linux

  • direct connect, sending messages, etc. without a server,
  • its own network that does not rely on another system,
  • committed to privacy with no ads or spyware.

How do I download it?

How Secure is it?

Encryption scrambles data to prevent unauthorized disclosure. BitWise automatically encrypts all transmissions using 128-bit Blowfish encryption. Plus users get 256-bit Blowfish encryption. Professional users can enable encryption up to 448-bit Blowfish.

What else does it offer?

  1. File Sharing of files or entire folders in encrypted mode
  2. Voice.  Crystal clear voice quality.
  3. Conferencing
  4. Run from a USB

What are the downsides?

  • Bitwise ask for an email to sign up.
  • For 256 bit encryption – it’s a paid service.  But 128 bit is better than plaintext.
  • Your “friend” could turn on logging… without your knowledge… all IM’s are potentially dangerous to privacy.

If it’s “business chat” that’s fine, if it’s highly secure trade secrets (like the recipe to diet cola), then never use IM – the risks outweigh all benefits. IM is incredibly dangerous and easily traceable.

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