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Secure Delete – Eraser – notes for Windows Users – to apply Admin rights


The EFF recommends Eraser for secure deletion of your files. Neither the “delete” key nor a reformat of your hard drive will remove the physical data – it needs to be overwritten.  This is where Eraser comes in – it overwrites the data.


In Windows, users have reported permission errors when using Vista or Windows 7 – this is easily cured.

1. Install Eraser.

2. Start > all programs > Eraser

3. Right click on Erase > go to the LAST item called PROPERTIES

4.  Compatabilty tab (third tab over)

5.  At the bottom see “Privilege Level” > Tick the check box = Run this program as administrator > change setting for all users

There is a security tab… (fourth tab over)

Everyone = full control.

That should enable Eraser to run with admin privileges that it needs.

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