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Secure Delete – Eraser – wipe all free space including cluster tips


Why clean disk space?

Forensics tool rely on data /evidence remaining in slack space.  Slack space is like shoe boxes… the system will store files in shoe boxes of a standard size.  If there’s some room in a shoe box, it’ll place extra files there.  As it’s reusing these shoe boxes, from time to time, you can delete a file, but bits of previous files remain – and this is a primary area for evidence. It’s stunning, what can be found out from slack space.

Eraser will go through all your shoeboxes and empty them them out – overwriting all lost fragments of bits and bobs left over.

There are debates as to whether a single overwrite option, folllowed by another single overwrite – is safer than say 3 overwrites done one after the other.  I’ll let that debate to others.  I just want you to start overwriting free space.

Which program to use?

Eraser is recommended by the EFF, but it’s support is slightly limited, and it’s usability is a little lacking.

1. Install Eraser.

2. Upgrade it’s permissions to Admin rights (see separate post on how to do this).

How do I overwrite free space?

1. Start > all programs > Eraser

2. Eraser schedule (down arrow) > new task (or do control +N)

3. Run immediately (radial button)

4. ADD DATA (button)

5. Click on UNUSED DISK SPACE (radial button)

This automatically checks Clear Cluster Tips.

6. Press the okay button – and away we go… 🙂

Eraser will now start to wipe over your free disk space and clear cluster tips for you – to remove all accidental traces of previous disk activity, files stored etc.  The use of Eraser is especially critical if you  have stored medical, legal, passport agency or tax data on your computer.

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