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German ICO 50,000 euro fine for FACEBOOK “likes button” – Privacy Tactic


The German ICO leads the way for privacy.  Any German company linking to Facebook, or a Facebook “likes” button will get a 50,000 euro fine (approx £40,000).

Why the fines?

  • Facebook sells your personal data to advertisers
  • Facebook provides information under the Patriot Act
  • Facebook does not uphold EU privacy laws (Privacy by default, Consent, Right to be forgotten)


Background info on Facebook


Facebook has announced plans to allow external marketers to mine new customers from the social network using personal information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook users’ unique UID code, and other identifying characteristics. The targeting option will be available to advertisers next week. Facebook says advertisers will have to seek their customers’ permission to use the data for marketing purposes before they proceed.

Facebook’s prior advertising methods have come under fire. A settlement against the “sponsored stories” feature is awaiting more information to the judge. Sponsored stories were advertisements that appeared on a user’s Facebook page when a friend “likes” an advertiser, including the friend’s name and photograph. The suit claims that the paid post uses user’s images and names to advertise products without compensation for advertising purposes in violation of California law. Additionally, startup company Limited Run has deleted its Facebook page and will cease paying for ads, claiming that the majority of the clicks the company was receiving were driven not by real people but by automated programs.







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