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War Driving – Australian Police looking for unencrypted home wifi – PRIVACY TACTIC


Australian Police are war driving for unencrypted home wifi networks.  They then mail the residents and notify them of the risks they’re running.

Even where weak encryption is used, such as WEP, the police are still writing to civilians.

In its “ War Driving Project,” the Queensland Police Service will conduct “proactive patrols” of residential and commercial areas within the greater Brisbane area to identity Wi-Fi connections that are unprotected and leave their owners vulnerable.

“These people may as well put their bank account details, passwords and personal details on a billboard on the side of a highway,” the Queensland police said in its press release today (March 22).

Why is this good?

Australian authorities are taking a proactive approach to educating residents.  They are locating those, easy to hack home routers – and asking residents to tighten up security.

It creates awareness amongst civilians of weak encryption, or zero encryption.
In conclusion:

  • I can’t praise the Australians enough for this approach.  The UK should follow their lead.
  • If any country is serious about cyber crime – home wifi is where we start the solution.
  1. It’s a shame this strategy isn’t being adopted in the UK. Focusing on home network security is perhaps the best and most cost-effective way of improving the general security of this country’s Internet.
    Unfortunately the ‘cyber’ security strategy is mostly concerned with the partnership between the government and larger businesses. What they overlooked is that organisations get compromised through the employees – basically the average person. The attention given to this in the strategy’s document was pretty marginal. It’s not looking good with the current ‘BYOD’ craze.

    By the way, I clicked the wrong thing on my blog’s dashboard (was a little hungover) before getting a chance to read the comment you recently posted. You couldn’t repost, could you? Many apologies for that.


    • War driving to ensure home routers have changed the default router password and aren’t using open or WEP encryption, is such a brilliant idea…
      you have to give full credit to the Aussies… it’s effective and simple. 🙂


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