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Do Not Track – Ignored by Apache Foundation (for those who claim I only pick on Google)


The Apache Foundation, which oversees httpd, the world’s most popular web server, has decided to ignore an important privacy setting for users of Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer 10 browser.

This feature, known as Do Not Track (DNT), allows users to express their preference to not be tracked by online advertising networks through the use of a header the browser sends every time you visit a website.

Implementing something as politically charged as DNT was going to be an uphill battle to begin with. The advertising industry is fighting a very delicate battle to find a way to avoid government regulation, yet still be able to track most users to support their existing revenue models.

In fact the senior privacy counsel for the largest online advertising company, Google, was quoted as saying:

"I don’t know what a do-not-track header is, I don’t know what it means."

I suppose that it is no surprise, then, that the only major browser without explicit support for DNT is Google’s Chrome.

opps, did I just attack Google ?  My bad. 🙂

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