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Global DNS Propagation Tool – has a Government blocked a site?


DNS “Yellow Pages”

The DNS server acts as a “yellow pages” service, firstly it looks up the IP number, then it connects you to that number.

For example: = IP

Here’s the BBC DNS Records

bbc ip dns





Government DNS Blacklisting

If a Government wishes to stop you accessing a site it can stop the DNS lookup – to block you “finding” a site.  It will return an error message “site not available”.

DNS – Global Propagation

Check here to see if the URL/ Website name is available in your country.

  1. As I understand it, the DNS system operates as a hierarchy, from global root servers to your local machine, and a request goes up the chain until it’s resolved. The ‘blacklisted’ domain is modified so it’s redirected to another site hosting an error page (or whatever else).
    One of the biggest issues with this is there isn’t a blacklist -it’s the DNS registry itself that’s being tampered with. As the DNS is supposed to be trusted and definitive, this should never, ever be done. We’d end up with unreliable registries that nobody could trust. Imagine the economic impact on a business that depended on this. But it was being considered as a measure to enforce SOPA last year.


    • Hiya!

      Yes, I totally agree, the DNS must be net neutral. But with the world in political and economic flux, I can see the ISP being a major target for any govt… it’s a weak link under their control.
      Egypt led the way for pre shadowing what a rogue government would do. 🙂

      We know that during the Egyptian revolution, the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) was used by Murbarek to shut down communication.

      A Dutch ISP (from memory) opened up a free dial up service – so that the old modem/telephone lines could bypass ISP restrictions.

      The ISP is a weak point – as it’s under government control. It’s too easy a target. 😦


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