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Snooper’s Charter: 19,000 Emails Against, 0 In Favour – Surveillance State


How unpopular is the proposed Snooper’s Charter within the UK?

At 12.42 on 21 August the Committee’s website received the first of over 18,000 emails generated in response to a call by the website 38 Degrees.

Pretty impressive. Here are the numbers for ORG:

At 12.34 the following day the Committee received the first of some 600 emails generated by the Open Rights Group whose Director, Jim Killock, gave oral evidence to the Committee on 11 July.

An order of magnitude lower, but still useful.

The Joint Parliamentary Committee makes a comparison to an earlier campaign against a proposed bill, the Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill, and comments:

The distinction is that while in the case of that Bill opinion was fairly evenly divided, we have not seen a single email supporting the draft Communications Data Bill, or even agreeing that there may be a case for the security services and law enforcement agencies having greater access to communications data than they do at present.

Got that? Out of 19,000 emails received by the Committee on the subject of the proposed Draft Communications Bill, not a single one was in favour of it, or even agreed with its premise. Has there ever been a bill so universally rejected by the public in a consultation?

In conclusion:

We, the People 19,000

Police State 0.


Urgent Note:

The primary source of this evidence has been removed. But luckily someone kept a digital copy.

Here is the House of Lords evidence of the Votes.

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