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Reflection – Sunday 14th October – Effects of Data corruption


I lost a week’s worth of programming on Friday the 12th of October (which was a Friday the 13th for me).

I’d started programming my development app this week – a risk matrix.  Things went so well, that I couldn’t stop… and then disaster struck, I corrupted the work.  To this day I’ve no idea what happened, but yesterday I asked friends to recover it and they couldn’t.


The end result is that you feel distraught.  Your emotions plummet.  The emotional affect of losing a week’s work cannot be overstated.  I’m lucky that it’s this early on in the project, as that allows me time to recover, and friends are around to help out.

Luckily I’d kept multiple print outs of how the code and screenshots of the front GUI. **Star lesson**

My reflection is how helpful these printouts proved to be, when disaster struck.  The GUI screenshots were critical – so today, I’ll go through and screenshot the entire system – and I won’t code a single line!!
On the bright side, the code is now much better – after having the input of friend who ia a star coder.  His ideas on the engine’s logic are head and shoulders above where I’d be on my own.

And late yesterday, the entire program was finished.  Yay!!

What have I learnt:

  • Screenshots can save you… backups are precious.
  • Teamwork can save you – our strengths are much greater in a team, and a team offsets your weaknesses.

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