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Google ‘to be ordered to reverse privacy policy’ – EU PRIVACY – TELEGRAPH



The French data protection regulator, CNIL, will order the web giant to “unravel” a massive data pooling exercise it carried out in March, The Guardian said.

Google mixed information about how users behave on an array of its services including Gmail and YouTube to create a master profile for each individual.

The move, designed to help tailor advertising to individuals’ interests, was heavily criticised and prompted an investigation by CNIL on behalf of privacy watchdogs across Europe, the findings of which are due to be announced tomorrow.

CNIL is known as one of Europe’s more aggressive data protection authorities and is expected to order Google to separate out the data again.

In March, Google said it aimed to “streamline and simplify” its privacy policies. However, users were only given the options of either accepting the new privacy policy, or shutting down their Google accounts.

Google could protest that the changes it made were technically irreversible, potentially opening a new front in its battle with European regulators. The firm has been in negotiations with the European Commission for months over remedies to its alleged anti-competitive behaviour by promoting its own products ahead of rivals’ in search results.


In conclusion:

*Great decision by the EU!

*Google had become the Surveillance Infrastructure (Zimmer).

*It’s abuse of power and monopolistic behaviour, left the EU few options – it has to stop this.




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