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EU Privacy – European Regulators find Google’s privacy policy lacking – Big Brother Watch


In a letter today to Google boss Larry Page, the Article 29 group of European Regulators outline their concerns around Google’s new privacy policy, coming after the French regulator CNIL’s investigation.

The letter has some choice words for the company:

“Google’s answers have not demonstrated that your company endorses the key data protection principles of purpose limitation, data quality, data minimization, proportionality and right to object. Indeed, the Privacy policy suggests the absence of any limit concerning the scope of the collection and the potential uses of the personal data.

We challenge you to commit publicly to these principles.”

* Purpose Limitation

* Data Quality

* Data Minimisation

* Proportionality

* Right to Object

(Google could) Provide additional and precise information about data that have a significant impact on users (location, credit card data, unique device identifiers, telephony, biometrics)

Many people would not expect credit card information to be captured for marketing purposes, and we look forward to Google clarifying this point.

Ultimately, consumers have been kept in the dark about how much data Google collects and what happens to that data, and the new privacy policy only further disguised what really happens when you use their services.

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