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Privacy Tool – YetAnother PasswordChecker


The problem:

We all use and reuse the easiest to remember passwords.  We use our birthdays and famous characters, or sequences on the keyboard.  This password checker is looking for keyboard sequences or other such “attack vectors”.


Try to get a strong password rating.

What’s good about this checker:

This web site does not transfer data to any server. The application runs strictly in your web browser. The metrics about your passwords is based on observation and best practices. They are just recommendations and do not guarantee that your password is really safe. We try to support you in finding a password that is suitable but we do not guarantee that it is perfect.

The full source code of this application is available under CC-GPL-2.0. Feel free to examine, modify, and redistribute it.

  • Anyone who offers you the source code, is unlikely to have a secret backdoor coded in.
  • A server log is not storing your passwords
  • It operates in your web browser.

Ideally, a password checker operates using SSL (as in the Swiss Data Protection Agency password checker), or it should not connect to a server, to prevent your passwords being stored and harvested on a remote server log.

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