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Security Saturday – Reflection Log


Last week, I was humbled that a “Security Saturday” blog was accepted on, which has over 2 million hits a month. I choose a Saturday, as most domestic users would be at home, and would have time to browse and test out the privacy tools. deals with contentious issues, and Mike the webmaster suffers “denial of service” attacks most months.  Sometime we lose the site for several hours, whilst the ISP fights the hackers.  He’s done all that he can, to inform his users, including posts on editing the hosts files, as often the DNS system is attacked.  Seeing the scale of DDOS attacks, makes security come alive – this is real, and used to silence critics of any persuasion.

Last year, I mentioned – as they offer a search engine that does not record your IP’s.  WRH went further, and put a startpage search engine on their site, which hopefully brings a European site, with top credentials, the Europrise award for privacy to the US market.

Yesterday, I wrote about password security, and password checkers.  Within 24 hours, the blog recorded 1,000 hits, and I can see the hits to and the Swiss Data Protection Agency are also high.

Even though serves the US market – it’s readers are interested in European privacy tools.  Users want to install privacy protections, and with luck, if WRH readers catch on, they can help transmit a privacy culture and toolset to the US market.

I’ve been honoured that they’ve carried my advice.  I’ll continue to research the most user friendly PET’s (Privacy Enhancing Tools), and hopefully, they’ll continue to carry my Security Saturday blog.

My greatest thanks to Mike and as it’s showing me where “traction” amongst domestic users exists.  If week by week, we can continue to gain traction, then we’ll achieve the EU’s Prime Directive.  And put all users into safe hands. 🙂

So with luck, I’ll be able to continue writing espeically for, and protect their users.

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