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Test connectivity to a VPN – SwissVPN


Want to try out VPN?

One of the most usable VPN services is SwissVPN.

  • OpenVPN uses port 443
  • PPTP uses port 1723

Can I test SwissVPN access before I purchase?

If you want to be sure that you can successfully establish a connection to SwissVPN before you purchase an account, you may use the following test credentials to log in:


  • VPN server:
  • Username: swissvpntest
  • Password: swissvpntest

The test account can also be used for tests via L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN.

Set up the Connection *Windows 7*

  • Start > Control Panel > Networking
  • Set up a new connection (1st option)
  • Connect to a workplace (set up a VPN) (4th option)
  • Create a New Connection
  • Use my Internet Connection (VPN)
  • Internet address =
  • Destination = SwissVPN > Next
  • Username = swissvpntest
  • Password = swissvpntest > Connect

“You are connected will appear*


The first question to consider with a VPN, is do they keep server logs.  This is because law enforcement can obtain the logs under a court order.
SwissVPN is easy to use and cheap – but please don’t use them where you need to remain private (a bit of an Oxymoron, as why pay for a VPN, if you could be monitored).

Here’s SwissVPN’s statement to TorrentFreak:


We included SwissVPN in our survey because they are well known, relatively cheap and have been used by those on a tight budget. To their credit, they were also the fastest company to respond. They are one of the few companies that do not make anonymity claims.

Response to Q1: “SwissVPN is being operated based on Swiss Telecommunications and Personal Data Protection Law. Session IP’s (not visited content, websites, mail, etc.) are being logged for 6 months,” the company told us.

Response to Q2: The company responds to requests from 3rd parties under Swiss criminal law (pdf).

SwissVPN website


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