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VPN Reactor – Free 30 minute VPN – Security Tool


You may have heard of a VPN, but want to know the easiest way to try it.  VPN Reactor is superb for this.

A VPN changes your IP details, to a totally different IP, to keep your communication private.  It’s particularly used for web browsing.
VPN Reactor

  • VPN Reactor is a good trial system
  • It’s free for 30 minutes at a time.  The system runs a countdown clock, so you’ll know how long you have left.
  • The installer is easy.
  • It instantly resets your IP.
  • MAC OS version
  • Windows 7 OS
  • iPhone
  • Linux OS
  • Blackberry

You check it using – you’ll see a VPN Reactor IP, rather than your home IP – which means that you’re “cloaked”.

Experiment on a blocked site

I tried to use this on a known blocked site – ie  It doesn’t connect, instead it displays an error page which says the site is timing out.  The piratebay is blocked on the VPN.  Overall, the VPN is very fast, especially as it’s free.

Where to download VPNReactor?

Download Portable USB  or Chrome version?

  • The USB download is on their tutorial page.

The IP is traceable back to VPNReactor.

Not all VPN’s are equal.  Ask if the VPN provider keeps server logs.  If they do, avoid them.   To handle sensitive material, then you must use a VPN provider who does *not* keep server logs.  VPN Reactor keep those logs for 5 days.  Therefore if you’re within the law, VPN Reactor are ideal, if you’re outside of the Law, you’ll need the sites I’ve detailed from

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