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Cookies – What A Difference A Few Browser Cookies Can Make When You Shop


Cookies sound sweet, but if they doubled your prices would you consider them so nice?  Here’s screen shots from a great article, where the prices shoot up, if you allow cookies.

Lets start with the evidence

Firstly, if you disable cookies your prices are lower:

Now, he enables his cookies – look at his “personalised” prices.

How do you remove cookies?

Use to switch off cookies and trackers.

Install Ghostery to your Firefox Browser (or IE, iOS, Chrome, etc).

Now step 2 is to configure it (it’s not set to stop cookies by default).



For Firefox:

  • Tools > Ghostery > Manage Ghostery Options
  • Auto update > Tick the checkbox, to allow updates
  • Blocking Options > 3pes tab > Select all 5 checkboxes, to stop advertisers, trackers etc
  • Blocking Options > Cookies tab  > Select all 4 checkboxes to stop advertisers etc.

Here’s what you should see:

Blocking Options > 3pes











Blocking Options > Cookies

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