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EFF – When the government comes knocking, who has your back? [Privacy tactic]


Today, council officials, tax inspectors and law enforcement will all target your social media sites.  The EFF monitors which social media sites will protect you from “snooping”.

The requirement to monitor privacy policies, is vital to a privacy lifestyle.

The first item to check is the companies approach, and reaction when it’s confronted by either a civil or criminal request.

Dropbox – 3 Stars.

A surprise entry, and for all the right reasons is “Dropbox”.

Skype and Microsoft (who own Skype) have poor results

Skype has zero stars.  Microsoft bought Skype after they invented systems to monitor your calls at the node.  So Skype is not a system that can be trusted, possibly due to the influence of Microsoft.  Ask yourself why Microsoft bought Skype just after inventing it’s wiretapping technology… and the answer to that is the reason not to trust Microsoft or Skype.


Myspace has zero stars, but that’s to be expected.

FTC finalizes Myspace privacy settlement

The Federal Trade Commission voted on Tuesday to finalize its settlement with Myspace over privacy violations.

The settlement bars Myspace from misrepresenting its privacy practices going forward and requires the company to develop a comprehensive privacy program.

Myspace will also be required to submit to outside privacy audits for 20 years.

According to the FTC, Myspace enabled advertisers to match a user’s browsing history with personal information, such as their name, age and gender.
Twenty years of audits…. that the key takeaway point here.

Privacy Lifestyle

  • You can achieve a privacy lifestyle – but that means being selective over who gets your data.  You can’t afford to deal with rogues or criminals, and some major companies could be classified as rogues (Myspace for instance, who breached their users trust in them for financial gain).
  • Well done to the EFF for this survey on who will cover your back when the government comes knocking.
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