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VPN Reactor fails DNS Leak Test – Encryption – VPN Test results


Well, I’m devasted.  After testing VPN Reactor’s free basic system, I was delighted with the fast and easy install.  Then I came across DNS Leak Test, and thought, this looks interesting.  So I tested VPN Reactor’s basic service, and it failed.  It’s leaking my local DNS server details…. that’s not supposed to happen with VPN.  I’m gutted.
Here’s the test results, if you’d like to replicate the test.

1. Install VPN Reactor.  It’s free and works on windows 7.

Test your IP has changed to VPN Reactors.









2. Click the link to DNS Test.

It reports your IP as (which is VPN Reactor, so all’s well so far).


3. DNS Leaking Results.

BT or British Telecom are reported – the DNS is leaking for VPN Reactor.  I’m devastated.

4. How to fix a DNS leak.  Luckily DNS leak have detailed what to do for windows clients.  It’s basically to flush the DNS after you’ve connected to the VPN.

It will be interesting, how many VPN suppliers will take note of this little trick, which leads trackers back to your ISP.

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