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PrivacyFix – Stop Facebook and Google [Privacy Tactic]


Instantly check your privacy settings across Facebook, Google and the other websites and companies collecting your data. Get to the fix with one click. Know when policies change.

We don’t collect any data from your use of Privacyfix, unless you choose to send it to us. We don’t store IP addresses and we cannot and do not see or save your web browsing.

What does Privacyfix do?

Privacyfix puts you in complete control of your online privacy. The Privacyfix browser extension scans for privacy issues based on your Facebook and Google settings, the other sites that you visit and the companies tracking you. Privacyfix then takes you instantly to the settings that you need to fix. Privacyfix also can warn you of new privacy issues as you surf the web, so you know when sites like Facebook change their privacy policies or have privacy breaches.

Does my data stay private?

Yes, your data stays completely private. Privacyfix is engineered not to transmit or share any of your data (history, cookies or privacy settings). All of the ratings and calculations for Privacyfix happen inside your browser, using generic formulas and data sent from our server. The only data that your browser sends to our server is standard technical data (like your IP address), which we promptly delete.
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