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A Giant “Thank You” to Big Brother Watch UK


Yesterday I was honoured to be given an interview with the Director of Big Brother Watch, Nick Pickles.

Big Brother Watch are campaigning to improve our privacy and civil rights.  Most importantly, they are standing against the “Snoopers Charter”, which would give UK Law Enforcement, the right to store every email, text and web site visited, for all 61 million UK citizens.

With luck, by the end of the year, we will know if they’ve succeeded in gaining enough Information Security specialists and lawyers, to save our liberty.

I am delighted that Nick would spare the time to speak to me, and assist me with a focused interview for my disseration.

If you have any spare cash, then I’m sure a donation to Big Brother Watch would be money well spent to  protect British society.  Orwell warned us of the dangers of a police state, so a donation to help them uphold Orwell’s warning, would be a nice surprise for them.

Paypal Donations

Likewise if there’s anything that I can contribute to Big Brother Watch, and to the protection of privacy, I will.

Thank you, Nick, your time is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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