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WPS – Security Alert



To make computers connect more easily, WPS was invented.

However, there is a hiccup.

You must now disable WPS on all routers.  I’ve seen the guys working on this hack, and it’s quite impressive.  Brilliant interface, as it  hacks the WPS pin, then grabs the password on the system.

It even tells the cracker if the router is crackable or not.  Wonderful!  Obviously totally illegal, that’s why we have to work in Labs – as it’s 10 years in jail for this.  So no, I can’t tell you how to do it, as I don’t want you to have 10 years in jail.

Bruteforce Attack on WPS

Basically crackers realised that they could run a brute force attack on the Routers that have WPS running (not all do).

This hack bypasses the WPA/WPA2  encryption – and reveals to the hacker your password (or my mates, if you’re lucky).  You’re lucky, as we’ll tell you to switch off WPS to keep you safe.

If you have an old router without WPS, then you’re safe.

Any device running WPS can be brute force attacked

How to check if you’re running WPS

If you have a new router, it’s likely that you will have WPS enabled.  Either via a button on the router, or the WPS 8 digit key is likely to be written on the underneath of the router, or access via the web interface for the router.

What to do?

Disable WPS if you can, (not all routers allow this).

If you don’t disable WPS, then your encryption systems are in danger.

The uncrackable WPA2 becomes instantly crackable…. as the hacker gets hand delivered your password.

Your  password will be displayed to the hacker.

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