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Comparision of IPSec to OpenVPN


A geek alert – look away now.

Comparison of IPSec to OpenVPN


The take away answer is that OpenVPN is much safer than IPSec, though the two technologies can be used together, to minimise risk.  IPSec is the industry standard – so this is a difficult concept to promote – it’s a bit like the “VHS v Betamax” argument, where the inferior system won the day.  In an era of surveillance by governments, social media, insurance companies, it’s essential that we move to a zero footprint system – OpenVPN offers this “anonymity”.

However, the government/ISP can see the connection to the VPN (but not beyond this).

If the government could obtain the VPN server logs – they could tell which sites you’ve visited (the Hidemyass case), and prosecute you.

Therefore the first priority when selecting a VPN, is do they store data on you?

Ask questions such as:

1. Do you keep server logs?

2. Do you keep connection or traffic logs?

3. How often do you delete server /connection logs?

This is what an OpenVPN sample log file look like (see figure below)

openvpn LOGS - sample of VPN logs

If the VPN deletes a server log every fortnight, that is far too slow.  The police have 2 weeks to get a court order and serve it on the ISP.  This is why you never use a VPN provider that is in your own country – and always select a provider that deletes logs very quickly.    So if a court order is raised, the information has been deleted.

Read the terms of your VPN very carefully.  Do they state they co-operate with law enforcement, divorce lawyers, councils and all other forms of authority?  If they advertise that they are pro Police, then don’t be surprised if they hand over data on you.

Torrenting is a different issue to privacy.  If you’re torrenting then use a VPN provider that caters for high bandwidth usage.

Select your VPN provider carefully if you are torrenting etc, as you really cannot afford those server logs to be kept.

Each VPN provider has a different niche.  Some delete their server logs in 10 minutes, as they are for those who operate in China and the Middle East.  They perform life saving activities, where speed is an issue – certain governments may execute you for accessing Facebook.

So just think about how you will use your VPN – and does your life depend on it?


IVPN – Delete server logs every 10 minutes

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