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TAILS – The Amnesic Incognito Live System – Anonymous OS


Anonymous OS – running Debian Linux

The Amnesic Incognito Live System or Tails is a Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity.[1] It is the next iteration of development on the Incognito Linux distribution.[2] It is based on Debian, with all outgoing connections forced to go through Tor.[3] The system is designed to be booted as a live CD or USB and no trace is left on local storage unless explicitly told to.

Youtube Video – On TOR/TAILS

Youtube: Protect your Privacy Completely : Web Browsing with TAILS + Tor

Download TAILS directly:

tails download

TAILS TOR and Startpage browser

1. Download the zipped file (since 015, it’s a zip file not an ISO).

2. Unzip these files.  (3 folders).

3. Burn them to a DVD.

4. Boot from the DVD. (Use F2 to alter your BIOS Boot order – to DVD before hard drive). **Important step


How to BOOT

1. Place the Tails DVD into your Drive and reboot (remember to alter your BIOS boot order first)

  • Plug in a wired Ethernet cable to the back of your router (wired is easier – plug it into the back of your home router).
  • As Tails boots, you’ll see to add an admin password – and the checkbox for XP camouflage.  If you’re a windows user, you might prefer XP.

Tails XP camaflauge

2. In the Linux menu system opt for

If you want to copy the DVD to a USB Pen.

  • Plug in the USB drive you want to install to.
  • Applications > Tails > Tails USB Installer

tails linux desktop


  • Target Device – will show the USB.
  • Select your USB drive, click “Create Live USB Drive”.

tails clone

Now Tails will copy the current OS onto the USB.  Amazing!

It uses TOR and Startpage – by default. Yay!


tails linux menu


  • It uses IceWeasel (a special version of FireFox).
  • HTTPS Everywhere is installed by default.
  • TOR is used by default to connect to the Internet
  • It uses and as it’s search engines.
  • Best of all, when you first boot up, you can select what they called “XP Camouflage” system – so that it looks like XP not Linux.  For those who know Windows well, this is spell binding, as you’re able to find your way around instantly.

Well done!  Wonderful Linux system.  Tor based.  Startpage search engine.  Privacy settings installed by default.
The XP camouflage – is a stroke of pure genius – as windows users can play around with Debian Linux.

Read more here (Daily Mail)

  1. Pinoy Oragon permalink

    What is the default password for the ‘amnesia’ account? My live usb automatically logs in


    • Hi Pinoy,

      By default there isn’t one – you set one up during install if you need admin rights.
      I’ve doublechecked for you, to make sure that my memory isn’t playing tricks on me.
      Did you set up an Admin password during the install?

      By default, the administration password is disabled for better security. This can prevent an attacker with physical or remote access to your Tails system to gain administration privileges and perform administration tasks against your will.

      In order to perform administration tasks, you need to set up an administration password when starting Tails, using Tails greeter.

      When Tails greeter appears, in the Welcome to Tails window, click on the Yes button. Then click on the Forward button to switch to the Administration password window.

      In the Administration password window, specify a password of your choice in both the Password and Verify Password text boxes. Then click on the Login button to start the GNOME Desktop.


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