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How to Install Truecrypt and make a secret container


Truecrypt creates an encrypted virtual disk.  It can encrypt a file, a USB pen or your entire drive (called full drive encryption).  Firstly we download and install Truecrypt.  Then we make a super secret container out of the Windows Tulips file.

c:\ Users\Public \Pictures \ Sample Pictures \ Tulips.jpg

Step 1 – Download Truecrypt.

  • Download Button
  • Save file

true download

true 2

  • Accept License
  • Next

true licence

  • Install
  • Next

true install

Install Directory

  • Accept all the defaults
  • Install
  • OK
  • Finish

true directory

true installing

true installing 2

Truecrypt will ask you to read the guide.

true guide

That’s it.  Truecrypt is now installed.


Step 2 – Make a Secret Container

A “Secret Container” can be a file, or even your entire drive (called full drive encryption).  To start off small, and get you comfortable with Truecrypt, we’ll use any file.  It could be an unwanted word file, or excel file, or a unwanted picture (of your mother in law).

Start > All Programs > TrueCrypt Icon

  • Right click on TrueCrypt
  • Run as Administrator

truecrypt icon

truecrypt menu

Create Volume Button (or secret compartment)

true create volume

Encrypt Container (an unwanted file)

  • Create an encrypted file container
  • Next

true encrypt container

Admin rights warning

  • No

true admin rights

  • Standard TrueCrypt Volume

  • Next

true standard

Select a file

Browse to any existing file (that’s unwanted)

c:\ Users\Public \Pictures \ Sample Pictures \ Tulips.jpg

true select a file

  • Next

truecrypt container

Select Encryption

  • AES
  • Next

true AES

Select the Size of your “secret” container.

  • 2MB (size of secret compartment, this can be 1 mb or 10 mb. ( The larger it is, the more likely it is to be discovered).
  • Next

true 2mb

Enter the secret password to encrypt the file

  • Tick Display password if you want to see what you’ve typed (by default it’s *****)
  • You’ll need to remember this password to access your secret container
  • Next

true secret

If your password is under 20 characters, a warning screen appears

When the file is important, try to use a passphrase eg twinkletwinklelittlestar – Yay, over 20 characters.

But for now, it’s more important that you feel comfortable using the software, so we’re using a short password of “secret”.

true warning

Generate Secret Keys

  • Move your mouse around to make the secret keys random.  Awesome – this is the bit we all enjoy 🙂
  • Format

Secret Keys generated

  • It might warn the file is there, and do you wish to delete it – say yes.
  • Volume created appears
  • OK

true created

Volume Created

  • EXIT

  • Next (is to make another secret container)

true created 2


So that’s your super secret container, created inside a standard windows file, that every windows machine will have.  Always hide secrets in plain sight.


Step 3 – How To Access your Secret Container

Step Select a Drive letter to access your secret container…

say drive T for Truecrypt.

  • T Drive (for Truecrypt).  Any drive letter can be selected.
  • Select file – Browse to our tulips file (which is our top secret container)  c:\ Users\Public \Pictures \ Sample Pictures \ Tulips.jpg
  • Mount (Button)

true open secret file

true MOUNT drive

After mount, enter secret password

This is the password “secret” we set when we made our tulips file into a secret container.  Please don’t use this password in real life.  Or the UK ICO will laugh at me.

true - after mount enter secret password

T Drive is now Mounted – and will show up in Explorer

The T drive is just your tulips file.  It is only 2 Mb big.  So will only hold little documents.

true drive is now mounted tulips file shown

Double click on the T drive – and it will show you explorer

true double click on t drive


Now you can save files to your secret Truecrypt Drive.

Next test out that you can save to your T Drive.

Open word.  File new document.

File > Save As “Truecrypt secret document”.

Secret Document show up in Explorer

true secret document shows up in explorer


To unmount your secret drive

1. Close word – or any applications that accessed the T Drive.

2. Return to Truecrypt.

3. DISMOUNT Button (Bottom LEFT hand button)

4. EXIT Button (Bottom RIGHT hand button)

true dismount

Your T drive will now disappear.

No-one knows it exists, hidden inside a Windows tulips file.


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