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  1. nicholasryall permalink

    very useful and easy to follow, thankyou


    • It’s great to know that it’s useful, and appreciated, so thank you for leaving me the feedback… it’s wonderful. 🙂


  2. Hippster permalink

    I tried this, however when I attempt to the given server, it says that it is un able to open the “password.txt”. (2013 Error opening ‘Auth’ auth file: password.txt: The system cannot find the file specified. (errno=2))


    • I’d say this is to do with the password file. There’s some small hiccup, and that’s all it is.
      Are your username and password on separate lines?
      It wants them on separate lines.

      Maybe delete the current password file, and start again.
      Step 1 is to open NOTEPAD file with full Admin Rights? Did you just open notepad normally perhaps?
      Step 2 enter 2 separate lines.
      VPNBOOk have just updated their passwords etc…
      Username: vpnbook
      Password: wUvr8kjM
      I’m pretty sure you have… but if not, we’d get a second error about password denied, so best to check it out.


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