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  1. What if I am a Mac user?

    Also, how do I know that this app is not secretly sending all my info to the Bad Guys? How can I trust this download?


    • The software company involved sells forensics tools to the police, so they’re not “dodgy” but highly reputable. However, for a Libertarian, the police could be deemed the bad guys of privacy, so it’s all in context. But as they sell to global police forces, they aren’t dodgy in that respect.

      The real take away point, is that I’d like you to run CCleaner or Eraser – as advised by the EFF, and regularly clean up (secure delete) your data and free disk space.
      Unless you see what Forensics software can do – no-one realises why tools like Ccleaner are so important.

      The heavy duty tools are more powerful than IEF – but pretty complex for the domestic user.
      IEF is easy to use – and the results should motivate everyone over Christmas to clean up their systems.

      You could download it, and then disconnect from the internet to run it. Run it – see what it revealed, then remove the application, then run Ccleaner.

      For Linux and Mac (both variants of Unix), you may have to use the industry standard forensics tools, which are about £5,000 per single licence…. They don’t give even the police forces a free trial, but IEF is worthwhile trying out on a friends windows machine on the Christmas holidays. You’ll be surprised by it. 🙂


  2. rollsthepaul permalink

    Not to worry, unless of course, you have a penchant for it. The rules have not changed and they would find whatever they put there. Any questions?


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