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Risk Matrix – minimise data aggregation


Risk Matrix

1. Avoid Google Search engine.




  • Google record your IP.
  • Google record your search queries.
  • Google aggregate your search queries, with Gmail and youtube, and another 60 products.  They resell their information about your habits, tastes, religious beliefs, sexual orientation to advertisers.
  • They make available all that information to the Government, Councils, Tax office, benefit agencies, police, Customs and Excise, and Divorce lawyers.  Get off the Google surveillance infrastructure.

2. Delete all your Free email accounts

Use – they’d have to get a court order in Canada to read your emails.  Hushmail is free – and it’s protected from advertisers /keyword scanning reading the content of your emails.


Gmail, hotmail etc scan your emails for keywords – so that they can resell your details to advertisers.  If your emails mention medical conditions, then you may get embarrassing adverts.  Worse still, insurance companies are buying 3 billion datasets a day.  Imagine if insurance companies are reading your emails… looking for medical conditions,  or addictions.

EPIC claimed that they are “wiretapping” you and anyone who communicates with you.   (As General Petraeus found out).

3. Block Trackers and cookies.


Installing Ghostery isn’t enough – you must configure it to block trackers.

There are “stock brokers” who resell your data to other third parties.. you have no control and no right to delete this data.

4. Use Secure connections – HTTPS

Use https everywhere, which was designed by the EFF

Configure Firefox to not keep your history

5. Use Fake information on all social media

Use fake details on all accounts – especially Facebook (FAKE BOOK)

Never use your real data.

Why?The EU reported that a quarter of employers are reading your Facebook profile, and binning your CV, without calling you for interview.  If you want that dream job, then put no personal information on Fakebook.  It will be used against you, and you won’t even get an interview for the best jobs.

The EU are monitoring this, as Fakebook are denying your life chances, destroying your employment prospects.

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