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How to Disable the Recycle Bin on Windows 7 and Secure delete files in the Recycle bin


Windows was never designed for security, therefore when you delete a file, it’s not deleted, worse, it’s copied to the recycle bin, and when it’s printed, it’s sent to a spool file.  Forensics teams therefore have many hunting grounds for documents.

Option 1 – How to disable the Recycle Bin

Click on the Recycle Bin to select it

recycle icon

Right Click on “Recycle Bin”  > Properties (Last Option)

recycle properties screen 2

Select the radial button – “Don’t move files to Recycle Bin (Remove files when deleted)”


Stops a copy of the file being sent to the Recycle bin (insecure)

recycle immediate delete screen 3


Option 2 –  If you want to use the Recycle Bin – but run a proper Deletion programme to delete files (Windows 7 has no secure delete ability – it leaves files intact)

Install  Ccleaner – the instructions are here:

  • Install CCleaner

  • Windows Tab > System Section – Tick the box for “Empty Recycle Bin” (First Option)

  • Run Cleaner button (Bottom right-hand side)

ccleaner empty recycle bin

CCleaner will warn that this will permanently delete files


ccleaner empty recycle delete message ok

ccleaner complete


Option 3 – Use the Right Click menu to delete the files in the Recycle bin

  • Ccleaner integrates into your Windows 7 right hand menu, so if you want to delete files directly from the Recycle Bin, then:

  • Right click on the Recycle Bin > Run CCleaner (From the right click menu as shown)

ccleaner run


Option 4 – Clear all the free space on your drive

First, decide the number of passes (to overwrite the data)

  • 3 passes – this is for ordinary data

  • 7 passes – sensitive files

  • 35 passes – for mission critical files, such as the recipe to Diet Coke.  It’s unlikely you’d need this, but it’s there just in case.   Use this for highly sensitive files, rather than all the free space.

ccleaner number of passes

Tools > Drive Wiper > tick C drive

Security – Number of passes on the drive (go for 3 passes).

ccleaner drive wiper

That’s it!  Leave it running overnight, and in the morning, all that sensitive data will be gone.  And you’ll have far more free space on your drive.


CCleaner – How to configure CCleaner to wipe cluster tips on drive – Video

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  2. permalink

    WARNING Ccleaner will only SECURELY delete files from the Recyclebin if you also set

    Options > Settimgs > Secure deletion

    Unless you do this your files will have been deleted as far as Windows is concerned but
    still recoverable by simple tools ie NOT SECURE


    • Hi Mike,

      It’s a great point you make, just because Windoze can’t see it… doesn’t mean anything.. most other tools and distro’s can find your data.

      Thanks for commenting:) 🙂


  3. Wasi Masi permalink

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