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Student’s Facebook confessions about binge-drinking and bed hopping ‘could make them unemployable’


  • Academic chiefs have warned ‘irresponsible’ posts could hurt job prospects
  • Swansea University students have been posting ‘confessions’ to Facebook
  • The university and students’ union has warned against sharing lurid details

Students who use social networking sites to confess about their boozing and bed-hopping have been warned it could leave them unemployable.

Undergraduates have been swapping tales of binge-drinking and lewd behaviour on the social networking site Facebook, leading academic chiefs to warn their racy anecdotes could damage their future job prospects.

The craze for online confession pages has swept the country with students often using them to brag about their extra-curricular activities.

But one Facebook site, Swansea Uni Confessions, has been slammed by the university and its student union.

In a joint statement, registrar Raymond Ciborowski and students union president Tom Upton said: ‘We are seriously concerned about the nature and content of these pages.

‘Irresponsible use of social media can damage their future employment prospects as companies are increasingly searching for information on job applicants.’

  1. It doesn’t really matter whether students share their intimate secrets. FaceBook and Google will get that information one way or another, if people have accounts with them under their real names. A fairly accurate profile could be built on a person just by looking at people he/she associates with. Google ties search terms to a Google+ account, which in turn is tied to the user’s real name. I dread to think what the typical Android phone is reporting.


    • That’s where I’d go into “anonymity” mode.

      The EU has stated that Privacy Tools are part of the mix, to block Google and Facebook, in addition to EU law for deletion rights etc.

      The EU found a quarter of job applications were going straight in the bin, after seeing a facebook profile.

      Therefore what seems innocent, may destroy your career, employment prospects, health insurance, to even what mortgage or bank loans you can get.

      Zimmer tells us that Google are the surveillance infrastructure.

      Get off the surveillance infrastructure is my honest advice. Use Startpage, duckduckgo instead of the google search engine. Don’t use multiple Google products. I use one, with fake credentials. Under no circumstances allow Google to verify your real ID – that’s only for banks and doctors to know.

      Google resell your queries to anyone who’ll buy them. The AOL scandal revealed a teacher, who was job hunting, who’d been sexually abused, hated men, was depressed and using a search engine to find out how to tell her family she was an abuse victim. Great – guess her employment record was wrecked after that.

      Which is the point, that Swansea Uni were making – and I agree. Everyone thinks Facebook and Google are innocent – when they are not. Just reading Google’s legal counsel’s comments, made you know, they’re a bunch of crooks. High powered crooks, but out to circumvent the EU at every turn.


      • Abuse victims and depression – you’ve hit the nail on the head, and that’s precisely why the ‘real name policy’ is dangerous and ethically wrong (I would say ‘morally wrong’, but I have no morals). Worse still, that information is being recorded surreptitiously without the knowledge or consent of the subject.
        I’m pretty certain they’ve already circumvented EU law by mirroring the data to servers in the US.


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