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Instagram loses nearly HALF its daily users in a month after backlash over failed bid to win right to sell users’ photos to advertisers


  • New figures reveal the photo sharing service has lost almost 50 per cent of its daily users in less than a month
  • Instagram upset users in December when it attempted to introduce new terms which suggested it could sell users’ photos to advertisers
  • The company quickly backtracked after a massive backlash among users
  • Kim Kardashian among the string of high-profile users who publicly spoke out against it

Facebook’s ill-fated purchase of Instagram stumbles from one disaster to the next after new figures revealed that the photo-sharing service has lost almost 50 per cent of its daily users in less than a month.

The dramatic drop in traffic has been attributed to an attempt made before Christmas to introduce new terms and conditions which sparked an outcry from users including celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

Instagram’s active daily users – the highest frequency user group – has dropped to 8.42 million this week, from 16.35 million on Dec 17, the day the controversial news broke.


Who do they think they are? If you enter a shop, that does not give the retailer, the right to use your photo on TV in advertising.  The audacity of Instagram beggars belief.

This is the loudest answer to Eric Schmidts view that privacy is dead.  Privacy may yet, prove to bankrupt Instagram.

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