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Swansea University warns that drunken Facebook posts could ruin your career (Independent)


As complaints of crimes involving Facebook and Twitter increases 780% in just four years, students at Swansea University have been warned that posting tales of their nights out on social networking sites could damage their career prospects.

In March, a Swansea student was jailed for posting racially offensive remarks towards Fabrice Muamba.

A recent Facebook group encouraged users at the uni to tell their binge-drinking tales and sexual exploits, but registrar Raymond Ciborowski and students’ union president Tom Upton have said they are worried about the page:

“Students are sharing personal information, including explicit content,”

“We have received complaints from students and alumni about the potential damage this page could do to their own employability, as a result of damage to the university’s reputation.

“Companies are increasingly searching for information on job applicants and the organisations they are connected to – already 30% of UK HR [human resources] directors use social media to recruit candidates, and 22% check candidates’ online activity.”

A fair point then.

Do you regret any pictures or posts on social networking sites from your younger university days?

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