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IVPN – they delete your server logs every 10 minutes – that’s a thousand times a week


Hope these 2 simple questions help you when vetting a VPN.

1. Do they keep logs?

You may see this called Server logs, Traffic logs, connection logs.

2. How often do they delete these logs? 
IVPN book delete their logs every 10 minutes – that’s the fastest log deletion that I’ve found.

To gain a green light, a VPN provider has to delete these logs in 24 hours or less.
So whereas Torguard and BTguard delete their server logs once a day…. IVPN would have deleted their server logs 144 times that day.

If a VPN provider deletes their logs once a week, then IVPN would have deleted their logs 1008 times. Compare this to the UK’s data retention laws – which logs all your communications for 2 YEARS. In that time, IVPN would have deleted their logs over 105,000 times (one hundred and five thousand times).

Big Data – stopping data collection stops data retention in it’s tracks!

A VPN is a barrier against anyone else, knowing your medical history, sexual orientation, employment history, relationship history and anything else employers may want to know – but it’s illegal or immoral for them to ask.
The honeypots caused by social media, allow employers to actively discriminate. This is causing a quarter of all job applicants’ CV’s to go straight in the bin, based on a Facebook profile.
So if you want a job, career, or even maybe to get a mortgage later on, or insurance… be careful. Once UK insurance company has admitted buying 3 BILLION data sets a day. They have algorithms, that monitor your Twitter and Facebook feeds… to adjust their risk. If they don’t like the charity you donate to… I guess our premiums are about to rise. (They do monitor charity donations too). That’s where the VPN comes into play.

So your main protection is how fast do they delete their logs. That’s the killer question.

IVPN delete your server logs every 10 minutes – and that’s the fastest that I can find.  Let me know if you find better.


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