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OpenVPN Access Server Guide – What does a VPN traffic or connection log look like?


As so many readers are using or testing OpenVPN for the first time, I’ve attached a copy of the OpenVPN Server guide for you all to see.

1. Server logs

Your choice of VPN provider is important, as OpenVPN can produce server log reports against your real IP.  If a VPN provider does not delete logs, but stores them for up to 2 years, this is the kind of information available to divorce lawyers, Councils, authorities and copyright lawyers.


openvpn log reports page

Your VPN provider can generate logs on your connection activity (Connection logs) or traffic (Traffic Logs).  Deletion of all logs, within 24 hours is really important – as that means there’s no server logs that can be used against you.

OpenVPN sample log

So the big questions are, does the VPN keep logs, and if so, how quickly do they delete logs?

Keeping logs for a short period of time to prevent spam of course is acceptable, providing that short period of time is not 2 years of data retention.

Your VPN may also be able to offer multi hopVPN’s, as offered by IVPN:

IVPN menu

Multi hop VPN’s offer you the safety or added complexity of multiple legal jurisdictions.  Of course, if you’re a global drug dealer and the FBI are after you, then you can expect multiple jurisdiciton to offer you little protection.  However, if you’re one of the little people, then it means you’re less likely to be picked on by big brother, as you’re just too much hassle.

Comparision chart for OpenVPN versus PPTP

How to run OpenVPN with Administrator rights – Windows 7



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