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How to install encrypted cloud drives on Windows 7


If you’d like to use cloud computing, for backups, but don’t want the files to be read by anyone, then use encrypted cloud services. Client side encryption, means your local laptop will encrypt the data, BEFORE it’s uploaded. Wuala are based in Europe, so do not operate under the American FISA (Foreign Internet Surveillance Act) or the Patriot Act. Both these laws apply to all US incorporated companies, such as Google and Amazon.
Wuala servers do not operate within America, their servers are based in Switzerland, France and Germany. This is critical to side stepping US surveillance.

    Step1 – Download Wuala

    wuala download

    Step 2 – Run Wuala
    wuala run

    Step 3 – Setup Cloud
    wuala setup

    Step 4 – Install Cloud
    wuala install

    Step 5 – Reboot

    wuala reboot

    Step 6 – Firewall
    Allow private networks to access the cloud.
    wuala firewall

    Step 7 – Create Account
    This password is used to encrypt your cloud data – so make sure it’s not a reused, or predictable password.
    wuala create account

    Step 8 – lots of “Tours”…
    Just click next several times, to get through the “Tour”
    wuala uwnthesis

    Step 9 – Start > Computer > Network locations
    Wuala will show up as a network drive
    wuala computer drive

    You “store” items on a network drive – but it’s actually a cloud based system.

    For passwords – you need to remember the rules for bruteforce hacking, use passwords longer than say 14 characters – use a phrase if you have to. Put special characters into your password, eg Password!!!!! or (Password*****), to make it more difficult to crack. Clearly don’t use “password” in any format, as that’s the easiest password to guess… oddly enough.


    Top 10,000 passwords are used by 98.8% of all users

    Brute force hacking

    Other facts about Wuala.

    According to Wuala the software uses AES-128 for encryption and RSA-2048 for key exchange and signatures.

    Wuala employs full client-side encryption. All files and their metadata get encrypted before they are uploaded. The encryption key is stored such that no one, not even LaCie that operates the service, can decrypt the stored files.

    The disadvantage of this is that Wuala has no password recovery and all data processing needs to be done in the client (for example creating a search index). The advantage is significantly improved privacy.

    Extra security.
    You can use Kruptos or any other strong encryption system on your files, before you use Wuala.
    1. You encrypt with Truecrypt first (AES 256 bit encryption)
    2. Then you encrypt again with Wuala – in order to store on the cloud (it’s AES 128)
    That means, that even if the government wanted your data, it’s been dual encrypted before upload.

    Another tip it to consider that all cloud data will be hacked or breached. So categorise your data. Would this file be highly embarrassing in the wrong hands? If the answer is yes, then it’s not suitable for cloud storage. We don’t normally “categorise” our files, but if you’re considering cloud storage, then you’ll need to organise “top secret” or “confidential” categories. Certain data should never be stored on the cloud.

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