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How to set up PORT FORWARDING on your router


Port forwarding is different for every router, so the first step is to turn your router upside down, and write down the manufacturers name and the model number.  Next write down the default user ID and password for that model of router.  Normally these are written on the bottom of the router.

Step 1 – get the make/model number of the router

eg TP Link Model TD-WD8690N

Step 2 – Look up the router guide by manufacturer

In our case, we’re using TP Link – so need a “T”.  Yay, that was easy.

router az

Step 3 – Select your manufacturer eg TP Link

router manuf

Step 4 – Look up the model number of the router

router model

Step 5 – Default guide.

Here we select the default guide… and you can see the screenshots

router guide

Step 6 – Login in to your router.

We access the Routers config via a web browser like Firefox.  Most Routers have the IP address of or

So open up firefox and type in  A login screen will launch after a few seconds.  For TP Link the user id is Admin.

router login

If you get the login wrong, you’ll get this error page. 😦

If you’ve changed the password, then you may have to hit the “RESET” button on your router, to make it return to the default settings.

router admin failed

Port Forward’s advice on how to login to your router…

Follow the Port forward guide on how to configure the ports.  You’ll have to rely on Port Forward for this part… as there are simply thousands of different options, and I’d only be duplicating their sterling work.  However, you’re in safe hands, as their screen shots will help you follow it.

router advanced

Step 7 – Install their port checker tool – to check that it’s worked

This tool will test to see if you’ve punched a hole through your router.

port forward tool

This will scan your port – and ensure that port forwarding is working for you.

Viola!  That was easy.  These visual guides are great, and the screenshots help us.

  1. Question from the ignorant, what does all that achieve for the router and computer using it?


    • Hi Dave,

      If you’re using gaming, ftp servers or filesharing, then you might need to punch a hole through your router. Certain games need access to a specific port.
      If you aren’t using an application that needs port forwarding, then it’s safest to leave your ports closed.

      That prevents hackers from scanning for an open port and perhaps even exploiting it.
      If you look on port forwarding, they have a list of ports needed by application. So if you were running one of those app’s, then you’d need to get information through to that application – so would open up the single port needed. It’s a risky action – as hackers do exploit open ports – and scan for them. But the games designers don’t think about security too much.


  2. Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its
    a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.


    • Hi Elden,
      I’ve noticed that Youtube videos don’t load – so have just switched over to vimeo – which oddly seems to work ok. Let me know 🙂
      Wordpress forums have a whole section on this, so I guess it’s a wide spread problem.

      Hopefully the Vimeo solution will work… it’s a bit of extra effort for me, but if it works, then I’m happy. 🙂


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