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OpenVPN needs administrator rights everytime it runs – so that Windows 7 can add the routes for you.  It’s boring clicking “Run as Administrator”, so lets automate it for you – which takes 30 seconds to do.

1. Install OpenVPN.

2. Start > all programs > OpenVPN

3. Right click on OpenVPN > go to the LAST item called PROPERTIES

vpn shortcut

4. Compatabilty tab (third tab over)

5. At the bottom see “Privilege Level” > Tick the check box = Run this program as administrator > change setting for all users

There is a security tab… (fourth tab over)

Find your ID = full control.

That should enable OpenVPN to run with admin privileges that it needs.


Which VPN is the Safest on the Market?  What do I do?

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  1. Dan permalink

    Hi there!
    I tried vpnbook openvpn format and found out it hides nothing. IP-tracing sites correctly id’d me.


    • Hi Dan,
      OpenVPN is quite robust, it’s designed to work in Asian and Russian ISP’s.
      So something has gone amiss during the install.

      Can you tell me what the errors are on OpenVPN. Right click on the yellow or red Openvpn icon – go “view Log”.
      And cut and paste the errors up for me. Then I can tell you what’s gone wrong.

      If your IP has not changed to a Romanian IP, then you’re still working locally… but I’ll to find out where the hiccup has occurred for you.


      • Dan permalink

        Hello uwnthesis,
        it warns that no server certificate verification method has been enabled, openvpn 2.1 requires script security 2 or higher to call user-defined scripts and executables, then fails. Previously it turned green but didn’t change ip. Hopefully this info will be useful to you to identify the problem.


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