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Data Mining was designed as a military weapon – to hunt down the Chinese


Data mining was invented by the US military to hunt down Chinese Communist cells operating in the US.  It’s code name was “ABLE DANGER”.

The US military shut down “Able Danger” on 3 separate occasions for breaching US privacy laws.  After 911, data mining was brought back into the arena, but it’s always been a weapon to hunt terrorists.  Now, you are the hunted.

Data mining is a weapon – and it’s aimed at you

Remember this has always been a military tool – designed to hunt down dissidents.   It’s not a helpful tool – it’s life destroying.

Data collectors like Google, Twitter and Facebook are using military technology to hurt you.  Their data stores are mined by divorce lawyers, councils, taxmen, prosecutors.    The technology’s development was illegal, and certainly it’s not a soft and cuddly marketing tool.  That’s like considering a machine gun a useful tool for haircuts.

Stage 1 – Data Collection – including  IP Tracking (ie PayPal and Google).

Stage 2 – Data Retention – which is used for social sorting and social profiling ( discrimination purposes).

Stage 3 – Data Resale (to anyone who’ll pay) including divorce lawyers, taxmen, benefits agencies and any authority

Stage 4 – Data Aggregation (the most dangerous phase) – Blacklisting, Employers and Insurance companies use this data.  The more datasets available, the less likely your anonymity will be maintained.  You need to isolate those datasets… avoid Google who aggregate datasets across 60 or more services.

Facebook are now buying your purchases off line, to amass and aggregate against your online profile.  It’s partners were announced to be Datalogix and Acxiom.  Two companies who are currently under investigation by the FTC.

Data Mining can destroy your career – EU Research

The EU found a quarter of job candidates having their CV binned after an employer had checked a Facebook profile.  That’s a quarter of those, who would have gotten an interview, resigned to the scrap heap of being unemployed.

We’ll count enemies as mortgage corporations insurance companies and employers – any who may like to read your email but can’t without a court order.  So they buy it on the black market.  They make money from putting you in misery.

The EU are bringing in the Right to be Forgotten – help support this right to be deleted.  It’s the right to say no, which is the first line of defence in freedom.

VPNBOOK – OpenVPN – How to set up OpenVPN on Windows 7

IVPN – they delete your server logs every 10 minutes – that’s a thousand times a week

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