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Snoopers Charter – Big Brother Watch


According to information uncovered by Big Brother Watch, “Council staff, health and safety inspectors and even Royal Mail want to harness the Government’s proposed “Snoopers’ Charter” to monitor private emails, telephone records and internet use.”
“Public authorities were not expressly invited to apply for access to communications data. The names of those groups of public authorities who have provided further information about their requirement for ongoing access to communications data are listed below:

1. Ambulance Services
2. Department for Business, Skills and Innovation
3. Charity Commission
4. Civil Nuclear Constabulary
5. Criminal Cases Review Commission
6. Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
7. Department of Agriculture & Rural Development in Northern Ireland
8. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
9. Department Of Enterprise, Trade And Investment For Northern Ireland
10. Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland
11. Department of Health – Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
12. Department for Transport – Accident Investigation Branches and Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
13. Department for Work and Pensions (including in relation to functions formerly the responsibility of the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission)
14. Environment Agency
15. Financial Services Authority
16. Fire & Rescue Services
17. Food Standards Agency
18. Gambling Commission
19. Gangmasters Licensing Authority
20. Health and Safety Executive
21. Independent Police Complaints Commission
22. Information Commissioner
23. Local Authorities
24. Maritime and Coastguard Agency
25. Ministry of Justice (NOMS and Contracted Out Prisons)
26. NHS Services

The NHS employs around 1 million staff.  From doctors, pharmacists, midwives to home help and carers.

Whom in this 1 million gets access to your email ?

Out of a country of only 61 million civilians, then 1 million having access to carry out surveillance on you, means that every single family in the UK will have someone who can access your emails or carry out surveillance on you.
27. NI Office (Prison Service)
28. The Office of Communications (Ofcom)
29. Office of Fair Trading
30. Pensions Regulator
31. Ports Police – including Dover and Liverpool
32. Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland (PONI)
33. Royal Mail
34. Serious Fraud Office
35. Scottish Environment Protection Agency
36. UK Border Agency – including Border Force

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