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Reflection – Research over – the sun is shining again!!


The research has ended; the work is finished.  How do I feel?

Well, the first shock is the feeling of “anti climax” you get when all the work is completed.  It’s odd.  You’ve worked solid for a whole year, and you feel grief now that it’s stopped.

On the plus side, you experience the sunshine, the outside, swimming and all the simple pleasure of life, that had stopped for so long.  Undertaking a continued piece of research damages your social life, and your appreciation of the simple things.  Of course the sun must have shined at some point.. but I can’t remember that happening.  Research melts your brain, to the point that you fail to notice the obvious.  The brain gets “tunnel vision”, it becomes like a black hole of information.  Normal gossip, sunshine, happiness would only be distractions and the focus on research shuts down normal activity.  You become borg like.  You are one with the data.

Finally, you become “demob” happy.  Nothing really brings you down.  The plumbing could break, the TV could break, but who cares about stuff like that.  You’ve finished the research. Yay!!!!

Clearly, I’m now demob happy.  I feel like doing cart wheels.

Clearly, not one with the borg.  They failed to assimilate me.  Their loss. 🙂

  1. jas0ngee permalink


    I do hope you’ll continue writing here though… will you?

    Always good and useful stuff here from you.

    Hope you have a good summer!


    • Thank you!

      Yes, I’ll have more time over the summer, to do the “visual guides”. They take quite some time to organise and upload, but they seem the most popular articles.
      Glad you like it.

      Your comment has cheered me up. It’s wonderful to hear nice comments.

      Have a good summer yourself. 🙂


  2. Anti-climax? It was pretty scary the size of those books you turned in, and your recent presentation mentioned things I wasn’t even aware of.
    You’ve quite possibly authored the definitive work on digital rights and privacy.


    • Lol, I accidentally wrote a Phd. You’ve designed some great tools – and undertaken some major development goals for industry.

      I have to admit that, the Law Conference full of privacy layers, Doctors and Professors was scary. But I could answer their questions. No one was more surprised than me…

      I’m just glad people are interested in privacy. I’m humbled that I had to be moved from the Labs to the Key Note Speaker conference room.. that so many turned up to listen, and that they actually enjoyed it. I’m so humbled. Incredible that I could answer Doctors and Professors – and bounce around the room while doing so. The questions were the greatest… they were some of the greatest lawyers, authors and doctors in the UK, and our little University prepared us for this. Awesome. 🙂

      We owe this Uni so much. We’re learning so much… and it’s so friendly and open. The sharing nature means that we’re all on a fast track… we’re absorbing so much info, from everyone around us… that we don’t know what we know, until we start. And then we floor ourselves.
      The same has happened to you… you can hear it… we’re all absorbing so much info, that we’re scary. 🙂


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