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What FREE DNS servers can I use on Windows 7?


If your web surfing is slow, you may want to test using a Free DNS provider, rather than your ISP’s DNS.

Step 1 – Select a FREE DNS PROVIDER

Comodo – are fast – ping times of around 35 ms

dns globaldns global 2


Step 2 – ping the free DNS server, to measure how fast it responds.

Generally, look for under 40 ms.  If you get 35 ms, like I get from Comodo, then brilliant.

Start > All Programmes > Accessories > CMD Prompt


Gives an average ping time of 35 ms – if you get under 40 ms – go with this option.

commodo 35ms

ping – just to illustrate what a slow ping looks like…

The response time here is 63 miliseconds – pretty sluggish, so try another server instead.

dns ping 1

ping 176.58.117. 25

The Response time is 50 milliseconds – so much faster than 63 milliseconds – but nowhere near as good as 35 milliseconds.

dns ping 2

Ping a DNS server in Australia –

Here the response is slow (354 milliseconds) – as it’s traveling half way around the planet.  My Commodo response times are 10 times faster than an Australian DNS server – but that would be expected.  You won’t select a dentist in Australia now would you?

dns ping australia

Which is fastest?  Select that IP.  If you can get under 40 ms – go with that option.

Step 3 – Assign the DNS to a network adapter

Start > Control Panel > Networking and Sharing Centre


dns change adapter

Select an Adapter

Yes, my network is called useless.  I have high hopes for it.

dns adapter

Right Click on the Adapter

Last option > Properties

dns properties

Select IP Version 4

Properties Button

dns ip props

Obtain IP Automatically

Use following DNS IP’s



That’s it.

This individual adapter, will now use these two set DNS IP’s.

So if you wanted to watch BBC IPlayer, you could set a network adapter, that uses UK only DNS addresses.


Step 4 – Gateway locations – BBC IPlayer

For example if you’re in Australia, and want to watch BBC Iplayer, then you want to use a UK DNS server, not an Australian DNS Provider.

When selecting your DNS for services such as BBC IPlayer, be sure to choose your DNS based on the Gateway location, not based on where you are located.


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