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EU Data Deletion Request – Facebook response to the EU


If you want to have your data deleted, soon the EU will allow us to make a data deletion request.

Here’s Facebook’s reply to the EU

Seeing as employers are demanding Facebook passwords during interviews, the EU’s  right to data deletion, can’t come soon enough.

Why is data deletion important?

* Employers are demanding your Facebook password

* Employers use your Facebook profile as a recruitment tool

* EU Data Protection Day 2010 found these 2 alarming statistics:

* 50% of HR use Facebook to decide who to interview.

* 25% of Job Candidates don’t get an interview, due to their Facebook profile.


If you’re unemployed, or can’t get the career you want, first check your Facebook profile.

You probably won’t even get an interview, if employers don’t like your “friends”, or think they’re from the wrong side of town.

Employers may ask you for your password during an interview.

So delete your data, before interview.

Even better, have a “clean profile”, for employers to view.  Keep your “real data” off Facebook and all social media.

The best advice was that given to the UK Parliament, to “falsify all data on Facebook”, as that will protect you against ID Theft.

Think about this statement, if a thief wants to access your banking questions, such as “What is your mothers maiden name”, Facebook will provide all these details.  Keep all your REAL DATA off these sites, or expect ID theft, and for someone to apply for a mortgage using your name.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.

BRAVO for the EU’s Right to DATA DELETION.  Now straight away, start deleting those profiles… right now… like NOW!!

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