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Startpage Email – Become a BETA Tester for Startpage


Startpage offer the no IP tracking Search engine.

They release their new private email system at the end of  June.


Sign up to become a Startpage Email Beta Tester.

Welcome to the future home of StartMail, the private email service being developed by StartPage and Ixquick, the world’s most private search engines.

Our engineering team has been working diligently to create the new StartMail email service. We have built everything from the ground up and have incorporated state-of-the-art privacy protections at each step. The hardware is now in place and we are currently performing stringent internal testing to ensure 100% compliance with our high security and quality standards

.Once our internal testing is complete, we’ll release the email program to users who have signed up to be beta testers. We will gather additional feedback from our beta users before releasing the program to the general public. If you are interested in being included in our group of StartMail beta testers, please check the “Beta Tester” box below.

How to Add Startpage to your Firefox Browser

Check out the EPIC legal case against Gmail.  They accused Gmail of “Wiretapping”, and they wiretap both the Gmail user, and the other user.  The legal arguments are on the EPIC website.


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