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How to install Wireshark to monitor your network – or use with NMAP packet scanner


Step 1 – Download Wireshark

Run as Administrator

wireshark download

Step 2 –  Install


wireshark install 1I Agree

wireshark install 2Next

Disk space needed is 112 mb

wireshark install 3Next

Choose if Start Menu or Desktop Icon is preferred

wireshark install 4Next

By default it installs into the directory c:\ Program Files\ Wireshark

wireshark install 5

Install WinPcap – as Wireshark won’t work otherwise


wireshark install 6Wait for the files to extract….

wireshark install 7

Step 2 – Install WinPcap

Wireshark won’t install unless WinPcap is installed.  Watch out for  a second install to be launched.  If you’re not looking for it, you could miss it.


winpcap 1I Agree


winpcap 3Finish


That’s it!

Wireshark will now completely install for you.

If the install hangs half way through, it’s because WinPcap has not been installed yet.



wireshark 8 completed

wireshark 9 completed*****

Launch Wireshark

Start > All Programs > Wireshark Icon


Wireshark launches

wireshark launch

Select your Interface (ie Wired or Wireless)

Then Capture Options

wireshark capture options

Promiscuous Mode > Start

Promiscuous mode means that it picks up packets and data for all devices on the network

That’s it – Wireshark will now listen in to all transmissions

promiscuous mode


Wireshark launches – by default it’s split into 3 panes

The top pane shows IP’s & protocols

wireshark results


You can filter these results by protocol and by IP, and I’ll cover that another time.

For now, select the Protocol header – and your results will sort by protocol.

ANALYSE > Display Filteranalyse menu


Select HTTP



HTTP ONLY is now displayed

http results

It’s File > Quit to exit.

Have fun.

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