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  1. Unfortunately I can’t see how an investigation or examination of the surveillance laws would change anything – especially if politicians are more concerned with retribution against Snowden than the fact they lied under oath.
    Those responsible, including Feinstein, need to be held to account. Properly. Like prosecuted. Unless that happens, an examination of the law would be just hot air, then business as usual.


  2. I love the fact that Landau stated that metadata is more revealing that the content; that given only 4 geolocations they could identify you with 95% certainty.

    So metadata… is like a fingerprint, it is sensitive data.

    I agree with you about the hot air, and hope that Snowden is granted political asylum in Hong Kong, Russia and Iceland. Putin knows that this guy has collected data, masses of it – as key evidence. Hopefully the mere threat of him being protected by Putin, should warn off the idiots in Congress who call him a traitor. If he was a traitor, he’d have sold these secrets to Russia, and been safe in his bed. So a traitor is the last thing they should call Snowdon.

    Let’s hope the Guardian reveals more stories soon. They’ve said that they’ve so much evidence, this could go on for months. Yay!!


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